Do you preserve bridal bouquets?


We are currently experimenting with this option. Preserving the whole bouquet is very expensive and may not be practical, however, we can definitely chat about preserving the special flowers out [...]

Do you preserve bridal bouquets?2021-01-11T12:01:36+02:00

On which lapel do men wear their corsages?


Traditionally men wear corsages or boutonnieres on the LEFT lapel. Ladies wrist corsages are worn on the left hand too.

On which lapel do men wear their corsages?2021-01-11T12:00:37+02:00

Do you do mock-up’s?


Definitely! We are HUGE fans of mock-ups. It gives you, the client, the opportunity to see (in real-life) how your flowers and décor come together. It gives you peace–of-mind and [...]

Do you do mock-up’s?2021-01-11T11:58:33+02:00

How far will you travel?


We love road trips so our motto is “we will go where you need us!” – the delivery however will be charged accordingly.

How far will you travel?2021-01-11T11:56:43+02:00
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