Tania and Marnus got married at Bahri Wedding Venue.

I knew very early on with Marnus’s passion for cars that his request for a special VW with split windscreen was going to happen, but I had no idea that what he had in mind was so spectacular! This VW became the backdrop for the photo booth photo’s and we even did a picnic basket to compliment the scene.

Tania’s love of hydrangeas was the inspiration for the use of so many hydrangeas in all different forms – down the aisle, as confetti, in the bouquets, in the greenery rings hanging on the Chapel doors, as well as in the reception flower arrangements. Pastel colours abounded.

Tania and Marnus – your VW inspired me to find this poem for you guys. Much love, Sam

“We embark on a new journey,
Let our travels never end,
Keep up heading in the same direction,
Though the track may sometimes bend.
Let happiness be our destination,
Let our trademark be a smile,
Let us enjoy each footstep,
Not begrudge a single mile,
Let us revel in new discoveries,
Greet each fresh dawn with pleasure,
Let us find our inner wealth, and know…..
The true meaning of treasure.”

Professional photographs courtesy of NascheD Photography.

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