I have booked my venue, what is the process in order to get a quote for the flowers & decor?2020-03-22T23:46:07+02:00

Firstly, please send me an e-mail and inform me of your wedding date to ensure our availability to dedicate ourselves exclusively to your special day.

You will then receive a Bridal Checklist to complete with the details of your wedding e.g. number of guests, colour scheme, budget etc. Providing us with your budget at this early stage of the process, is very important so that we can assist you in achieving your concept and yet staying within your budget.

Return your completed Bridal Checklist together with any photos or ideas that you would like incorporated into your quotation. I will then draw up a provisional quotation based on the information you have sent me.

We then schedule a consultation appointment to discuss the quotation and your ideas.

I don’t know anything about flowers and what will be in season when I get married2021-01-11T11:46:28+02:00

Flowers are our business so do not worry about which flowers to choose. We will make recommendations based on what flower choices we think will create the look you are looking for. Our preference is always to recommend seasonal flowers because they are more cost effective.

If you have a flower that is a favourite or has a special meaning – please let us know. We like to include personal touches in all that we do.

Equally – if you have a flower that you dislike or would NOT like to see used at your wedding or event – please also let us know

What happens if the flowers I want are not in season on my wedding date?2021-01-11T11:47:21+02:00

We will know when we do the quote for you whether or not your preferred blooms will be available or not at that time of year, and will suggest alternatives that are in season to create a similar look and feel for your concept  if your preferred flowers are not in season.

Please Note: your preferences, if out of season, could be available as imports but these obviously carry a higher price tag.

I have no idea how much wedding flowers cost. Where do I start?2021-01-11T11:48:16+02:00

Since we specialise in customising every wedding or event to your specific needs, each wedding is therefore unique to you, so there is no hard and fast rule about the cost of wedding flowers.

If you have a budget in mind, it is best to share this with us up-front, on the Bridal Checklist, so that we can do everything possible to stay within these limits or to be able to tell you if the budget is unrealistic.

Why are bridal bouquets so expensive?2021-01-11T11:48:50+02:00

Bridal bouquets are a specialised skill and are extremely labour intensive to make. Firstly, flowers chosen need to be properly conditioned. Secondly, all roses need to be wired (along with most other stems used in a bridal bouquet) and then taped (to hide the floral wire from photographer’s prying lenses). This requires time, as well as floral accessories, that need to be accounted for. Then the complete bouquet needs to be taped to ensure additional strength, and only then do you put the ribbon and finishing touches (pins or bling) onto the design.

In addition – bridal bouquets are carefully planned for, designed and executed with extreme caution, love and care.

Traditionally, for whom & where do i need flowers at my wedding?2021-01-11T11:49:39+02:00

Firstly, consider your bridal bouquet, the groom’s corsage (if he is having), the bridesmaid bouquets, and the corsages for the groomsmen (if they are having).

Next, Corsages for your parents, grandparents, Godparents, ring bearers, flowers for your flower girls and any other attendants at your wedding.

After you have taken care of the people at the wedding, it’s time to consider other arrangements such as flowers for the Chapel/Ceremony, any outside areas that your guest may use while you are having photographs taken, then the reception hall, the cake topper and then any other floral accents you may wish to make.

May I see examples of your work?2021-01-11T11:51:56+02:00

Absolutely! We love what we do and you can view previous work on either our Facebook page, Instagram and our website.

Do you offer décor items for hire?2021-01-11T11:53:11+02:00

Absolutely! You can view the Décor Catalogue.

As this is continually changing – please don’t hesitate to ask if there is something you need – we may just have it but have not yet had a chance to update the catalogue.

If we bring our own décor items, will you set them up for us?2021-01-11T12:07:09+02:00

Yes of course. HOWEVER – this will need to be pre-arranged and costed at a pre-agreed rate. This will depend on how labour-intensive the job is that you require us to do and if the time allows. Your flowers are my first priority.

We will only do what is detailed on the quote in terms of set-up.

Do you offer delivery and set-up of wedding and event flowers?2021-01-11T11:55:45+02:00

But of course! You decide what of our services you need and we will tailor our proposal to fit. You always have the following option:

  • To collect your wedding/event flowers from our studio in Parys, OR
  • Have your flowers delivered to your venue (but not set-up), OR
  • Have your flowers delivered to your venue AND set-up (at an additional cost)
What is the delivery charge and what does it include?2021-01-11T11:56:21+02:00

Delivery charges are charged on a distance and time scale from the studio in the town of Parys. Delivery charges include drop-off at your venue. Delivery does NOT include any SET-UP (this is charged for separately).

How far will you travel?2021-01-11T11:56:43+02:00

We love road trips so our motto is “we will go where you need us!” – the delivery however will be charged accordingly.

How much do you charge for delivery, set-up and strike down fees?2021-01-11T11:57:09+02:00

These fees vary depending on the distance, timing and complexity of each event. Your quote will detail these costs separately for you to see.

Does the set-up charge include putting out the place name tags and table favours?2021-01-11T11:57:42+02:00

Place name tags – No – we do not put out the place name tags. This will be your responsibility.

Table favours and gifts – we will only put these out by prior arrangement and if they are included on the quote.

Do you do mock-up’s?2021-01-11T11:58:33+02:00

Definitely! We are HUGE fans of mock-ups. It gives you, the client, the opportunity to see (in real-life) how your flowers and décor come together. It gives you peace–of-mind and the of course the opportunity of changing anything you may wish to ahead of your special day

However – there is a charge for a MOCK-UP – the charge is inclusive of the flowers, flower arrangements, the décor, candles (if you have opted for us to provide these), set-up and obviously the consultation

Mock-Ups are done purely BY APPOINTMENT only, and are usually done on weekdays as you will appreciate we specialize in weddings so are busy on weekends.

We prefer to do mock-ups 60-90 days prior to your wedding, or event, in order to be able to source the seasonal flowers recommended in your quote for your wedding/event.

How do I reserve a date for my wedding day or event?2021-01-11T11:59:07+02:00

The date will be booked for you upon receipt of the deposit detailed in your quote.

May I drop by to discuss flowers for my upcoming wedding/event?2021-01-11T12:05:51+02:00

Of course – we’d love you to! However, we would hate for you to come in at a time where we cannot give you our full undivided attention so we do require you to schedule an appointment.

I live out of town and am not able to meet in person. Can I still work with you?2021-01-11T12:00:09+02:00

Definitely! We would be happy to chat on-line with you and plan your special event like that

We have loads of experience of working with clients, both local and overseas, that have been unable to meet personally prior to their wedding date.

On which lapel do men wear their corsages?2021-01-11T12:00:37+02:00

Traditionally men wear corsages or boutonnieres on the LEFT lapel.

Ladies wrist corsages are worn on the left hand too.

Do you preserve bridal bouquets?2021-01-11T12:01:36+02:00

We are currently experimenting with this option.

Preserving the whole bouquet is very expensive and may not be practical, however, we can definitely chat about preserving the special flowers out of your bouquet for you. We are looking at various techniques and options. Please give us a shout if you would like to discuss this.

Another way of preserving your memories is through Greeting Cards and through printed cushion covers – we offer both services – if you would like further information on either of these options – please be in touch. The cards are blank so you are able to use them for any special occasion (or even as your “Thank You” cards).

What can I expect on my wedding day (should I have chosen for you to do the set-up)?2021-01-11T12:02:18+02:00

We will arrive early on your wedding day (together with a “Set-Up Team”) to deliver your bouquets, corsages, and flowers for you and the rest of your Bridal Party. From there we will begin the set-up starting with the Ceremony then move to the Reception Hall.  We will not leave until every flower and stem is in place ready for your big day!

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